What Is Our Job As Masons?

by I. R "Bud" Putman, PDDGM


I was recently asked the question, ''What is our job as Masons?" I replied, "We are the Light of Freemasonry, it is our job as Masons to spread the light of Freemasonry."

Some of you have accepted appointments from our Grand Master to serve on the Education Committee, as District Deputy Grand Master or District Education Officer. Some of you have accepted appointments from your Worshipful Master to serve as Lodge Education Officer, Candidate Counselor or Candidate Coach. When we accepted these appointments we assumed an obligation, an obligation to provide a Masonic education to every man who petitions our Masonic fraternity.! We must make a Master Mason from each candidate we receive. We must be more concerned with putting more Masonry into our members, than getting more members into our Masonry. We have been given these additional duties to perform while doing our job as Masons.

We have also been given a dubious privilege our forefathers did not have. We have less candidates to educate, which allows us more time to do our job as Masons. Have we been taking advantage of this additional time? I think not! Many of our lodges have not had a candidate for over a year. They receive a new petition, and in three stated meetings of their lodge they confer the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason Degree on that candidate. Are we that proficient in our Education Program to have done our job as Candidate Counselors?

Statistics tell us that approximately 85 of our new members seldom return to lodge. We may never get a second chance to make them a Master Mason. Will they be qualified to spread the light of Freemasonry? Why not have an Education Night between each degree and double the required time for them to receive their work? What is our hurry, when we have the luxury of this additional time?

I had a recent conversation with a new member. No member from his lodge came to his home and reviewed the "On The Threshold" flipchart with him and his wife. The Candidate Counselor did not use the EA, FC, & MM Flipcharts to counsel this new member. The questions to be asked after his proficiency exam were not used. Is he a Master Mason?

In our lifetime, we may never recognize our success or failure. History, however, will record our efforts. Will our children's children inherit a viable Masonic Fraternity? Do you wish for them a good and great fraternity? Will it be a Masonic fraternity that will encounter the challenge?